ABC: Zack

Alphabeticals (or ABCs) is an Archetype introduced in the "Alphabet" set. This archetype is based around consistant drawing to make "ABC: Zack" the last card you draw in the deck to win. Other strategies include: drawing for the Almighty Pencil set, Recycling the deck, and even giving up by decking yourself out.

Tips and TricksEdit

When building an Alphabet deck, you can use the help of cards like "Portal to Another Universe", or "Rejected Mortage" to draw faster and use cards like "Hole in the Deck" to send "ABC: Zack" to the bottom of the deck. Also, to keep from decking out - it would be smart to add cards like "Add to the Stack" to prevent decking yourself out.


  • All the cards in this Archetype are a reference to the Latin Alphabet "ABC: Andre" being "A" and "ABC: Zack" being "Z"
  • Some of the names (such as "ABC: Katherine") were changed due to what Doodletones says "were crappy names for the characters in the first place" So Katherine was changed from Kim, Remy was changed from Ron, and Yoko was changed from Yarrow.
  • "ABC: Freddy" was the first card to be put on the ban list due to it "being another No Limits with a drawing function"