Blocky Draco

Blocky is an Archetype introduced in the "Blocky Doodles" set. The archetype does not have one way of playing. But instead is Anti-Anti-Anti meta, meaning its not meta but it cant be Anti-Meta and cannot be affected by Anti-Meta.

Tips and TricksEdit

Anything thats not in Meta can help this deck out, meaning "Effect Stopper", "A Hole", "Sword for Epic Creatures", "Diamond", "Dynamite", and other cards similar to these can help the deck.

In the ComicEdit

Blockys are seen by a character Doodle decides to go against after they just beat another deck seen in comic 11.


  • Blockys were designed by Poeanater and are based on mobs from the popular computer game "Minecraft".
  • In the comic, the character seen in comic 12 facing Doodle, his name is Poe in reference to the fact Poeanater made Blockys in the first place!
  • In the "Blocky Doodles" set. There was 3 complete Archetypes: Blockys, Gods, and Doodles.