Fred: Food God

Gods are an archetype introduced in the "Blocky Doodles" update, they have really one strategy, and one strategy alone... Beatdown! nyone who runs this deck is usually shunned because of how broken they were back in this set.

Tips and TricksEdit

Gods have a single card OTK that will be banned in the "Replacement" update but generally, you run cards like "Mega Effect Stopper" and "Effect Stopper" to cut the effects of the gods so they dont get destroyed at the end of the turn and so that they can beatdown your opponent faster, its also really safe to run many "Fred the Food God"s as that is the best god you can currently run. It's not suggested to run "Antigod", "Olympians", "Maya Gods", "Shintos", "Spiritual Beings", "Galaxy Destroyer", or "Blocky God", but running "Seldood Glutton" and "Godsummoner" may help the deck out a bit.

In the Comic...Edit

Doodle runs "Gods" in the comic, his strategy is to Godsummoner himself into any victorious position and demonstrates it with skill and humor in his battle against Susannes "Blindman" deck.


  • Auqa and Nightling's original names were Posideon and Zeus, but Doodle scrapped the idea for that only to make the "Olympian" archetype several sets later.
  • Originally there were going to be 2 Death Gods, Ghifts and Deah were going to be brothers, but Doodle figured it was too confusing having 2 Death gods, so he turned Ghifts into the god of fights.
  • In the comic: Doodle runs an illegal standard deck as he runs "God Virus", "Hotsh Fire God", and Ghifts God of Fights", as well as 10 "Godsummoner"s.