Rejected Agent

Rejecteds are introduced in the "Dark Rejects" set, this archetype is really difficult not to hurt yourself playing but has a huge amount of Anti-meta hidden within the deck, the major strategy of this deck though, is to not kill yourself playing it.

Tips and TricksEdit

The archetype can help other decks FTK (First Turn Kill) as Rejected bag helps out RANEdeer, and Rejected Pet can help out the Battler Brawler Warrior Archetype.


  • To get the whole list of references go here: LINK
  • All of the "Dark Rejects" set is based on Doodles brain, Rejecteds are Doodles Low Self-Esteem, he rejects his optimism which shows in the style of this deck.
  • "Rejected Instrument" is influenced by Autotune, and is a reference to the rapper T-Pain.