Seldood Ten

Seldood is an Archetype introduced in the "More Random Cards" set. The archetype is built around removal of certain cards to summon there Seldood counterparts.

Tips and TricksEdit

Seldoods are self reliant, so using there Normal counterparts are required. Though it is not suggested to use "Seldood Big Mouth" but you can. It helps to be able to destroy your own monsters, so "A Hole" is a card you may want to look into. Since you search a ton, "Add to the Stack" and "Skillray Teser" can become benifitial to the deck.


  • Seldoods are counterparts to other cards, Astrocow is "Zode Taurus", Ten is "Doodle 10", and Inferno is "Fiary Doodle".