Slot Machine

Slots are a gambling archetype introduced by LilyMe in the "Fan Made" set. The archetype equips "Slot" cards to the card "Slot Machine".

Tips and TricksEdit

The deck can only win by using "Jackpot", so a search engine for Slot Machine, the Slots, Jackpot, and a way to win coin flips and die rolls. This means cards like "Cheat" and "Lady Luck" will help the deck out indefinatly, you can also use "Zode: Taurus", "Rock Blob", and "Doodle 10" to search out your No Limits and No Walls, if you don't wish to use the skill cards, No Limits Man and Red Mage will also be cards you may use within the deck.


  • This Archetype was developed by LilyMe.